Lotus Seed Bracelet With Gold Buddha – Stretch Elastic



The lotus seed bracelet features a Buddha head silver bead. It is are easy to wear and take off due to its elasticity. This inspirational bracelet is perfect to wear wherever you go. Just avoid them getting wet to preserve the bead’s delicate nature.

Lotus Significance: A lotus has been known for enlightenment, rebirth, and the purity of ideas. Its flowers bloom persistently from the mud and work their way up to the water surface. Each layer of lotus’ petals symbolizes different aspects of the self and its consciousness. These lovely petals grow from a middle pod that contains the seeds. Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism exhibit the significance of these seeds in their culture. 

The Interpretation of a Buddha Head: The Buddha’s head resembles social and spiritual awareness, meditation as well as knowledge. So it encourages us to live a consciously good life with a sense of calmness and contentment whenever we look on a Buddha’s head. The Buddha art statues and artworks are known for their innate ability to calm the atmosphere, a property that even the non-Buddhists patronize. The different Buddha heads are depicted as different aspects of thinking. 

This item is a great spiritual gift for anyone as well as a rejuvenating gift for oneself. You can wear it with your kind of casual dress or with a yoga outfit from our store.

Details of a Lotus Seed Bracelet

  • Elastic bracelet
  • Natural lotus seeds with beige spots
  • Buddha head bead with a silver accent



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