Lotus Yoga Skirt Capri – Organic, Purple, Seamless




These simple yet pretty skirted Capri yoga pants are delicately made from organic cotton with superb details! What a great addition to anyone’s clothes collection!

This lovely skirt capri pants possess the intelligent moisture-resistant technology to maintain dryness during practice. Then, the jacquard touch at the back part of the waist area produces an athletic flowing mold to its hips. What establishes the waist is the wide belt holding the stomach inside or simply folding it down. Meanwhile, the detailed mesh right at the calves maintains the feminine leg shape.

For a better version of tight-fit leggings, the skirt is intentionally attached to its capri pants. This also makes the product a good alternative to trousers and shorts, providing maneuverability in whatever yoga postures you may have to do. You don’t have to worry about inversions because the fabric “bounce” is firm and supportive. For your comfort during more extensive movements, the built-in gusset is there to prevent the bunching at the crotch and therefore hinder its flow.

If you are looking for its variants, try the nice black version or with a matching top. Wear it during your class or shopping with the boots on.

Products Features:

  • Made from cotton (80 %), Spandex (5%) for flexibility, and Nylon (15%)
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Fabric that is perfect for practice

Additional information


UK 12-14, UK 8-10


Purple, purple-old fabric-non organic


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