Macrame Sacred Geometry Yoga Bracelet Or Anklet – Shri Yantra



This Yoga bracelet is inspired by macrame sacred geometry which you can tie around your wrist or ankle. It is handmade and wax-finished to highlight the central spiritual symbol while preventing the knot from slipping. Its metallic disk comes with knots that enable it to be positioned well while each side ends in a knot and plait. You can try tying it in a bow so it is easy to wear and take off.

Perfect as a friendship token, beach bracelet, and yoga accessory. Wear it on your Yoga practice to spiritually remind you where you are heading. The next time you visit the beach, you will look superb with this bracelet if you match it with a flowing summer dress. This handmade pretty accessory reflects well-done craftsmanship in each knot.

What is Macrame:

Macrame is a knotting technique that originated from Arabia to Europe during the Moorish annihilation. It uses the mixture of different knots to generate textures and patterns, which in turn exhibited in creative fringes on textiles. In the modern world, such items are already made with macrame. Aside from the textile industry, macrame techniques are also employed in the manufacture of curtains, plant pot holders, shawls, pieces of jewelry, and many sorts of accessories. We directly pick macrame bracelets from Buddha Boutiques during our travels. So you can be sure that the money we used gets straight to the roadside seller’s wallet. The YogaHub team meets artisans who sell beautiful crafts.

The Sacred Geometry:

Sacred geometry is a combination of geometric symbols that shows spiritual values. One of them is the flower of life, which has intersecting circles forming grids. We put crystals on grids with corresponding specific maps, increasing the spiritual strength. Lots of people wear the symbols of sacred geometry to have a constant reminder of the universe in a unified state. Aside from natural patterns, sacred geometry is also employed in temples, churches, and Thanka paintings.

Shri Yantra Meaning: The Sri Yantra (also called Shri Yantra or Shri Chakra) is a sort of mystical diagram being taught in the Shri Vidya Hinduism school. It comprises 9 triangles that interlocks, surrounding a middle point called Bindu. Such triangles resemble the cosmos as well as a person’s body.

Please remember that the bracelet’s color is randomly selected. So if you like a red, brown, dark green, or black one, just tell us via the delivery notes so we can try to grant your request.

Features of Sacred Geometry Yoga Bracelet:

  • Sacred Geometry-inspired Yoga bracelet or anklet
  • Hand-knotted by macrame technique
  • Metallic lotus flower at the center
  • Tie-on bracelet



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