Mantra Breathe Easy Yoga Pants For Women

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These super soft baggy relaxed fit yoga pants for women. These comfortable pants are patterned to fit unisex still look great and stylish. The broad belt has a unique print of Maha Mantra and to adjust the size it has detailed string attached in the middle of the belt. The width of the belt allows you to style it in a few different looks that can be made on the waist. You can check and see the images for your reference. There is a side secret pocket on the belt for your keys and your phone. The string detail attached at the bottom making these yoga pants superb for inversions, just simply chill. Once you folded the belt in half, it will give the style of a fisherman’s pants vibe. 

These incredible yoga pants for women are fabricated from a soft viscose material and give a lovely flow that is so stylish. It is gentle to the skin and provides comfort in every movement. Its broad belt when worn high-waisted provides warmth. Designed to look great and have an excellent posture. You will love them!

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Product Features:

  • Made from super soft fabric viscose lycra
  • With an artistic print of Maha-mantra
  • String detail attached
  • Unisex pants
  • Bottom- 100% Soft Viscose
  • Belt- 95%Cotton/ 5% Lycra

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