Masala Ayurvedic Incense – Yoga Blend



The Masala Ayurvedic incense is packed in a 100% natural box. This divine smelling and natural incense has a floral-like top note, ideal for a Yoga practice! Ayurvedic, therapeutic, and uniquely blended for Yoga. The meaning of Ayurveda dates back to Sanskrit history where it is defined as the science of life. It was popularized in Indian medicine focusing on the balance of the five distinct elements namely: space; fire; water; earth and; air. According to this principle, we can maintain the utmost health condition by keeping the internal balance.

There are 15 sticks and a paper sleeve inside the cute box. This hand-rolled incense offers an authentic Ayurvedic blend used to keep the energy balance in your yoga room. If you are a Yoga instructor, your class will be delighted with a smooth and clarifying scent as they uplift the energy inside the room and keep you in focus. Burn the incense during your meditation activities and experience an uplifting mood. Overall, it is a useful tool and a must-have in everyone’s meditation/aromatherapy set.

Since the incense sticks are traditionally handmade in India, you can expect that all of their elements reflect the natural ingredients delicately derived from flowers and herbs.

As a precaution, always keep an eye on your burning incense. Never leave them unsupervised especially when the kids are playing around the area. Meanwhile, make sure that the falling ashes fall into place to prevent mess. We also offer ornamental-inspired incense holders so you can burn this Ayurvedic incense in a beautifully eastern style. Incense holders are indeed totally useful which comes in lots of varieties.

Product Description:

  • Ayurvedic incense that perfectly matches a Yoga practice
  • Packed in a cute box and an inner sleeve inside
  • Produced by hand-rolling technique 
  • Made from 100% natural materials
  • Burning time that lasts for 30-40 minutes (as long as they are is not windy)


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