Men’s Organic Hemp Yoga Pants – 3/4 Length Plum/Purple




This lovely pair of environmental-friendly yoga pants are specially made from fashioned hemp and a blend of cotton. This type of cotton is organic, a natural kind of fabric that is authentic, raw but gentle thus comforting. The fabric of this organic cotton and hemp are soothing and relaxing to your body as well as the skin. Its superior fabric is a unique look and a great match for your yoga practice.

These delightful pants are flowy with a three-quarter length and have a slit at the calves. Its unique curve at the end gives shape to your calf while the design of the stitches gives a subtle contrasting detail to these modern yoga trousers.

The adjustable waistband and pull string ensures its high-quality support and comfort levels. There are side pockets for your phone and keys and other bits and pieces. These pants can be pair in almost all of our yoga tops for their indistinct color and earthy vibe fabric.

Product Details:

  • Made from Hemp & Organic Cotton
  • Adjustable elastic waistband
  • Pull String
  • Flattering stitch detail at the bottom calf 
  • Created with pockets
  • Natural with Ultra Breathable fabric


Additional information


M/L, S/M


deep plum


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