Men’s Sacred Tattoo Slim Fit Mens Yoga Pants, Grey, White




These Men’s Yoga Pants are fitted and super comfy, will give you that support to deal with while exercising stretches needed in yoga practices. Its narrow cuffs will help to hold the pants in inversions and you will be able to practice a full form of your legs without worrying that it will rise. The slim fit of the pants and their loose style around the hips and groin area will allow you to move freely while practicing in them. This is created from a fine blend of soft cotton and the right amount of Lycra to provide that great stretch. To add comfort to the waist there is a pull string on the waist which can be adjustable to your desired fit. Its firm yet soft fabric tightens for you to be able to gain the greatest comfort without sacrificing support. This yoga pants pattern is carefully created to match your activities and yoga lifestyle. The tattoo design symbolizes the sacred Tibetan om, giving these pants an effect of illusion slant. 

These pants have two side pockets with distinctive lining. The pattern is created to give a more structured and modern style. You can say goodbye to the old days when our only option is those baggy yoga pants to work in practice! This is a perfect addition to your yoga wardrobe. Indulge in these slim-fit men’s yoga pants here! Pair it with the wide selection of our yoga tops.

Please note that the white version of these pants has an identical fit, but does not have the tattoo motif on the leg.

Product Detail:

  • With tattoo design that symbolizes Tibetan om
  • Two side pockets
  • Pull string
  • Adjustable waist
  • Narrow bottom
  • Slim fit design


Additional information


M/L, S/M


White, Burgundy, gray


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