Mini Flags – Tibetan Bunting Indoor or Outdoor 10cmx127cm



Mini flags containing Tibetan mantra prints are available in blue, white, yellow, and red colors. Its string of bunting is 50 inches / 127 cm so you tie it up on any part of your space. If you want to add some festive feel and mountain vibes to your yoga or meditation rooms, these mini flags are good selections. You can pop some color by tying it outside, in the trees, and around the bushes. Inside the house, you can hang them on ceilings and walls.

For every 10 cm flag, a mantra is printed on it. With the size of these flags, you can customize the area and add numerous strings similar to fairy lights. If you hang some strings of flags plus fairy lights in the trees around the garden, these mini flags will bring out a festive and vivid atmosphere!


  • Tibetan mantra bunting with a string that measures 127 cm / 50 inches
  • Each flag measures 10 cm with mantra patterns printed on it
  • Suitable both indoors and outdoors



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