Mother’s Grace, Lakshmi with wood filigran



This Light sculpture is handmade which cites the following attributes of your place:

  • Sufficient compassion and love
  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Elegance and Beauty
  • Self-acceptance and peace
  • Altruistic
  • Loyalty

Our Divine Mother has given her overflowing Compassion and love for you. The heart that is represented by a wide-open rose entails her deepest light, the light of our soul, the light of His Creation, like a shining precious stone.

In the aspect of Lakshmi the Yantra is closely connected to the divine mother. The heavenly attributes of the overwhelming beauty wealth, unquestioning love pouring on you. A complete acceptance happens in the mother’s embrace.

A 6 pointed star highlights the heart’s Chakra, the shelter of the cosmic mother. This is where equilibrium takes place between the astral spine’s down flowing and up flowing energies. The triangles pointing upward and downward represents the equilibrium.

Materials used:

  • Built from carved wood with five levels, acrylic molding, and several LED lights
  • Shaped and hand-painted with a gold plate
  • Swarovski crystal backlit in the middle.
  • Its diameter is 50 cm/20 inches, depth of 10 cm/4 inches

To help you tune into the ever-present Divine Mother’s love, recite both prayer and affirmation daily.


“I will cherish others as an extension of my Self, and as the love, I receive from God.”


“O the Infinite and mighty One, allow me to be your gateway for Thy love! For through me, I can reach out to sow the seeds of love in all barren hearts anywhere.”

Adopted from Swami Kriyananda’s Affirmations for the Self-Healing.


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