Natural Incense Cones With Holder – Sandalwood, Lavender, Oudh, Musk




The natural incense cones come in 15 pieces which include an incense holder made of ceramic. With their organza bag and gold thread pull string, these cones make a brilliant mini gift. What makes them even more beautiful on the shelf is that every fragrance is packed in a colored bag that has an embroidered base.

Lavender – Pink

Sandalwood – Gold

Loban – Red

Musk – Maroon


If you like burning incense or aromatherapy during meditation and yoga, these items would add beauty to your collection! Aside from that, incense cones are much convenient and easy to secure because the ash falls right into the cone. Don’t forget that during a burning time, the area must be kept clear and supervised. This way, you can avoid any mess.

Here are some uses and benefits of the fragrances:

Oudh: It has a high association with the activation of the upper Oudh, Chakras, and Agarwood which greatly strengthens mental clarity and perception. It encourages spiritual focus and the Third Eye. If you are aiming for an earthy scent of a Yoga room, Oudh is a great choice.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood exhibits innate antiseptic properties to purify the air and help soothe anxiety. Therefore, removing the negative energy from the room is achievable with Sandalwood.

Musk: The sacral chakra is significantly linked with musk, along with its innate anti-inflammatory property. On top of it, its base fragrance works well with everyday burning due to the softness and ability to blend with other pleasant fragrances without compromising comfort.

Lavender: Lavender is ideal for rooms where relaxation is highly favored since it greatly contradicts stress while promoting sleep. 

You may also browse our selection of different incenses like those that jive with the Chakras and Yoga.

Product Features:

  • Natural incense cones in gift set covered in an organza bag
  • Includes incense holder made of Ceramic 
  • 15 cones and a nice holder
  • 4 available natural fragrances


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Lavender, Oudh, Musk, Sandalwood


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