Natural Incense Gift Set – Stickless Incense And Cones With Holder



Our natural incense with a clay flower incense holder included is a great choice of a gift set. It has 40 stickless incense sticks with 10 cones. Stickless incense is just basically an incense stick of fragrance without its bamboo core. Many of our clients chose this due to its less smoky scent. This package comes with 20 incredible Lavender sticks and 20 Oudh sticks, which have their unique scent. To complete the set, a handmade flower incense holder is included for a wonderful and delightful gift idea. Give this to meditation or Yoga lover to be a great companion to their session. This will also be a lovely gift for Mother’s day or even in Valentine’s. Treat your home with an aromatherapy session.

Fragrance Benefits:

Lavender: When lavender is burned, it reduces stress and promotes a good night’s sleep. Indeed, it is highly recommended to be placed in a living room and bedroom to recharge one’s energy and offer relaxation.

Oudh: Agarwood or Oudh favors mental clarity since it activates the upper Chakras. This ecological scent is ideal for Yoga rooms where spiritual perception, focus, and Third Eye are highly needed.

Just note that each pack comes with a unique handmade holder. Therefore, the holder that you will receive is randomly selected. But let us know which color you prefer via the delivery notes so we can try our best to meet it.

Also, do not leave your burning incense without your supervision. As much as possible, the surroundings must be free from children playing. Make sure that the falling ash is falling into the holder, as it can be hot. This way, you will enjoy a mess-free mini eastern design to your house. 

Details for Natural Incense Gift Set:

  • Natural incense in a gift set
  • 40 incense sticks without sticks 
  • 10 beautiful incense cones
  • Clay flower incense holder made by the hand
  • Packaged in a sturdy gift box



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