Natural Pure Large Hemp Wallet – Beige, Unisex, Velcro



A groovy, sizeable hemp wallet in neutral beige environmentally-friendly that can be a great alternative to a leather wallet. Aside from the fact that we use our wallets on an everyday basis, these kinds of wallets have been in demand with hippy folks for years. You might already encounter them before on some gigs and festivals! This wallet has superb quality and came from one of the places in Nepal. The total appearance looks wonderful and solid with its natural and earthy vibe. There are sample items you can choose from with our eco-friendly option! Hemp has a bit of a disoriented reputation as it’s in the Cannabis category, but don’t you worry. This is unrelated to the plant that you’re thinking. 

Containing three panels, it has a textured lining in its interior pocket for your notes. On the topmost part, you can find two pockets with zippers for your coins and another pocket to put your ID and credit cards. A natural hessian plaited weave, but as rough and itchy to the feel. It a surprisingly natural with a wonderful texture with all the borders securely finalized in a cream smooth run. A straightforward large sized wallet styled to fit in your convenience and liking that you just grab it and go! Easily insert into your bag and to all keep your cards and notes safe. It has a strong Velcro strip to keep it closed. Easy to open, close, and put away. Fully lined in cream cotton. Smaller version available here.

About Hemp:

 “Industrial hemp or commonly known as Hemp is a kind of Cannabis sativa plant family that grows mostly for industrial utilization of its obtain products. It is one of the fast-growing plants and was one of the first plants to evolve into functional fiber 50,000 years ago. This plant is used to fabricate hemp fibers, this is not the one used to produce Marijuana, so have nothing to worry about! Eco-friendly hemp has a great amount of demand in both health industries and textiles. It can also be packed in a way that will create the bricks used in developing eco-building projects. 

Product Details:

  • Spacious Hemp wallet
  • Velcro-type of closure
  • 3 textured panels
  • Pockets to keep your credit cards and notes
  • Two pockets with zipper for your loose change
  • Natural and pure hemp
  • Made mostly in the mountains of Nepal



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