Natural Solid Perfume Gift Set of 6 Fragrances



Natural solid perfume comes in a gift set of 6 in attractive enamel tin cans. Made from natural herbs, beeswax, and essential oils, the scents last long enough for the user to enjoy it even after several hours of applying it. Since the ingredients are natural, it is skin-friendly compared to synthetic perfumes which have a higher chance of damaging one’s jewelry. Every perfume is packed in a brass tin can with a nice enamel cap. Even though they are randomly selected and there is no guarantee which ones you can receive, the variety of scents will help you tell which perfume is best for you.

The fragrances may include:

Jasmine (floral, delicate, and gentle)

Sandalwood (purifying and earthy)

Kama Sutra (scent like warm honey)

Nag Champa (a mixture of floral notes and sandalwood)

Rose (elegant and floral)

Patchouli (musky, earthy, and energizing)

Features of the Natural Solid Perfume Gift Set:

  • Six solid perfumes in enamel tins (25mm)
  • Royal blue storage tray
  • Super long-lasting scent
  • Apply onto the skin directly 
  • Natural ingredients with natural fragrances 
  • Perfect gift idea for birthdays, Valentines, and Christmas



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