Om Lotus Necklace – Small Lotus Pendant, Silver



The Om lotus necklace hangs in its silver snake chain. Its delicate pendant highlight a dainty lotus with the Om symbol at the center, which is roughly 20 mm. With its chain length, it sits perfectly at the center of your chest. Nonetheless, you can easily change the chain just cause the top loop of the pendant is large enough to interchange the chains. Switching up your chains is a great way to change the look of a necklace to match your outfit. So feel free to put it together and use various string methods! For a more hippy flair, you can try a waxed cotton cord. Wear this unique spiritual necklace to carry a little inspiration with you.

Meaning of Lotus: it symbolizes renaissance, awareness, and healthy thoughts. Lotus flowers flourish from soiled waters, floating above it. The layers of petals in full bloom represent different layers of self-consciousness. These petals grow from a central pod connected to a long stem that floats above the water. Inside these pods, you will find the lotus seeds. These seeds are utilized in different ways and have significance in religious and cultural. Especially to most of the eastern religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism.

Om Symbolism: Om symbols are wide use everywhere in the Yoga world. You can search the symbol if you’re unfamiliar with it. It represents the whole world. In simplest terms, Om means is everything! It has great importance and spiritual significance for its wide range of the idea. In the tantric tradition, Om also symbolizes the Crown of Chakra. So you might often see it alongside the holy lotus, for it shows the expansion of self-consciousness. 

Product Description

  • Featuring lotus flower with Om symbol at the center of Om lotus necklace 
  • Silver-plated snake chain
  • Switchable chains
  • Spiritual lotus



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