Om Symbol Rudraksha Seed Bracelet



The rudraksha seeds bracelet features a silver Om symbol charm strung on it. It is flexible enough to easily wear and take it off while the rudraksha beads are tactile and lightweight. With these pleasing qualities, you will enjoy running your fingers over the beads! It is a perfect gift for anyone who would like to engage in a spiritual rejuvenation, even to yourself. You can wear it with a flowing casual dress or find it a good match from our wide selection of yoga outfits.

History of Rudraksha: ‘Rudra’ came from the name of Shiva’s Vedic while ‘aksa’ means ‘teardrops’. The latter also depicts an ‘eye’. Rudraksha is defined as spiritual seeds used to make the garlands worn by Lord Shiva. Often found in Buddhist and Hindu prayer beads, they find their use in protecting a person. This made the rudraksha seed bracelets one of the best choices for choosing a piece of organic jewelry.

The Om Symbol: In many reading materials, Om seems to cover almost everything as its idea spins around the universe as well as the origin of it. Om symbolizes the spiritual Crown Chakra that is commonly used in the tantric tradition. They are often placed inside a holy lotus, which resembles the expansion of consciousness and oneself. Correspondingly, each stroke has a meaning to a person.

Rudraksha Seed Bracelet Features:

  • Om symbol charm
  • Spiritual rudraksha seeds
  • Comfortably elastic


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