Om Yoga Mat Bag – Mantra Print, Beige


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This delightful OM yoga mat bag is fabricated from a 100% fine cotton cloth and has a sturdy cotton lining inside for better support. Our yoga mat bags also features pockets made to fit as a compartment for your clothes and towels, water bottles, and technical devices with inside zipper pockets, and more. There is also a stylish illustration of the Gayatri mantra together with the symbols of OM that gives a unique vibe to the mat bag. This bag can be open with a zipper. The belt has an antique-styled puller along with a secure pocket. You can find a handheld handle inside to hold this all-around yoga mat bag by carrying it across your shoulder or just simply hold it. A great yogi vibe along with just carrying this OM yoga mat bag.

Product Features:

  • With a Keyholder
  • Inside pocket with zipper
  • Water bottle and tech device pocket
  • Water-resistant bag
  • 100% Cotton canvas
  • Unique embroidered detail
  • Delightful Chakra symbols
  • Size about 78 cm x 18 cm x 54 cm



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