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For an enchanting Opium fragrance oil, Eden is a brand of fragrance oils for burners and diffusers. It comes in an attractive glass bottle, packed in an little box. These oils are for home fragrance or aromatherapy use. Also used in bubble baths and electric diffusers, so are a multi purpose, versatile option. The oils are pure, strong fragrances. A little oil will go a very long way!

They are most commonly used in ceramic or glass oil burners at home. Oil burners work by using heat to diffuse a fragrance or essential oil into a space. Firstly, a candle is placed in the hollow center. This candle is lit, and the heat warms the top well. A few tablespoonfuls of water along with a couple of drops of fragrance oil go in the top well. The well of water then heats up. As the water in the top well evaporates, it carries the fragrance with it. Finally, the scent is diffuses into the space, spreading the fragrance and creating a wonderful atmosphere. This is a pure fragrance experience, so if you don’t like the smoky smell of incense, oil burners are for you! Electric diffusers will vary, so check the instructions on the box for how to use these oils with them.

Fragrance Benefits:

Opium: A wonderful option for relaxing bubble baths. A heady, soft aroma. An enchanting, magical scent.

Product Details:

  • Fragrance oils for burners, diffusers, baths or reeds.
  • Strong, long lasting fragrance. Use only a little at once.
  • Use in a ceramic or glass burner.
  • Comes boxed in a dark glass bottle.
  • 10ml or fl.oz. 0.3


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