Organic Lavender Eye Pillow – Lavender Flower & Linseed



Lavender is popularly used for aromatherapy treatment. Get our Eye Pillow in Organic Lavender for an utmost relaxing time. The scent of lavender lulls the body into a more relaxed condition, yoga cooldowns, and helps to aid difficulty in sleeping.

With our pillows, we pack separate pouches inside to store our lavender flowers and organic linseed. This allows the outer cover for easy removable and to be washed separately. It also features a zip closure and softer texture for a more convenient and comfortable experience. Linseed adds weight, allowing the pillow to mold in your face. It also gives a gentle pressure to the eyelids, giving a relaxing & comfortable feeling.

While meditating, you can lay this lavender eye pillow gently across your eyes. The weight and fragrance of the pillow on your eyelids will get you into a calmer state of mind. For aromatherapy, crystal healing meditation combo you can pair it with our rose quartz and amethyst yoga bracelet.

Take note that we cannot assure the cover pattern, but you can specify your preferred color in the delivery note. We will try our best to attend to your request!


  • The organic style in lavender flowers and linseeds
  • Relaxing scent for your meditation and to help you sleep more
  • Soft cotton texture
  • Removable cover



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