Patchouli Fragrance Oil For Burners



The Eden fragrance oils are designed to be used in diffusers and burners. The ecologically fresh Patchouli scent oil is packaged in a dark, attractive mini glass bottle inside a box. Aside from the use of aromatherapy and home fragrance, electric diffusers and bubble baths make it a versatile choice. Due to its purity and powerful fragrances, a small drop can last long!

At home, glass and ceramic oil burners work by processing the heat to generate an essential oil and diffuse it into the atmosphere. The candle is positioned in the central base where it is lighted and enables to heat the top well. Just add a few amounts of water and the small drops of the fragrance oil will move to the top well. As the top well water heats up and evaporates, the fragrance diffuses into the room. Finally, the pure fragrance turns the atmosphere into a non-smoky space, unlike the incense. It is also important to check each product’s instructions too as they can vary. 

The Benefits of Fragrance:

Patchouli has an ultra-light and earthy fragrance perfect for household use, with a variety of health benefits including the reduction of symptoms of headaches, common colds, depression as well as appetite problems.

Product Details:

  • Fragrance oils are applicable for burners, bubble baths, diffusers, and reeds.
  • A solid fragrance that lasts long even in small amounts from time to time.
  • Useful in a glass/ceramic burner.
  • Deep-colored glass bottle packed in a box.
  • 10ml fragrance oil (0.3 fl.oz.)



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