Prayer Flags – Write Your Wishes And Prayers 100″/2.5m



Prayer flags inspired by traditional Tibetan is where you can write on for oneself. Every flag has printed lines with spaces so you can write down your hopes and wishes for your loved one or just yourself. The 10 full flags have 5 brilliant colors on 100 inches per 2.5m string. Hang it inside or outside of your space to create a lovely and artistic ambiance. These flags make a perfect gift idea since you can write to your recipient about all the good and happy things that your heart desires for their future. Whenever they hang them, they will always be reminded of how much you care for their well-being.

These beautiful flags can be displayed inside or outside your place, but just be careful in choosing the right pen as you write your wishes. If you would put the flags outside, choose the pen with an ink that will not likely run or spread out.

The prayer flags from traditional Tibetan are best paired with our other flags for a spiritual, garden, and festive home party!

Product Features:

  • Customizable prayer flags
  • You can write up to 10 wishes, one for each flag
  • Flags are made into 20 x 23 cm on a 2.5 m string



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