Purple Amethyst Mala Beads



This Mala Beads in a magnificent Purple amethyst is a heavy mala with 108 beads which has a very smooth texture. The beads have a true to life intense purple color in deep amethyst. These Mala beads can be used while praying, meditating. You can count them to help you soothe your anxiety attack. Three spacer beads in the silvery textured surface are enclosed by silver rings. An eccentric silver Buddha head is hanging at the center of the Buddha bead. Wear these around your neck and wrist for a spiritual vibe together with your basic yoga accessories. Amethyst symbolizes the crown of Chakra, psychic relation, and spiritual development. It is a significant choice of gift to a spiritual person you know or if you just want to treat yourself.

Meaning of Amethyst: it is a purple variation of quartz that promotes spiritual development and disperse negativity. Amethyst is often correlated as a dream stone, due to its capacity to help you easefully sleep at night and to keep you from having bad dreams. It will support you reach your dream state with a more enlightening and positive dream. Wear these around your wrist or leave them under your pillow as you sleep.

About Mala Beads: this string with prayer beads commonly used in Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Shintō, together with other traditions like Japa which is a ritual known in Sanskrit. Mainly, the body of mala has a total bead of 108, though it is also used in other numbers. Like the 109th bead which has a different size and color. Malas will help you keep track while chanting, reciting, and repeating names of a deity or mantra.

Product Features:

  • Mala prayer beads in purple Amethyst
  • Distinct beads in purple gemstone
  • With 108 beads
  • Use for meditation, prayers and can help your anxiety



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