Red Coral Mala Beads – With Dorje Counter



Beads of Coral mala accessories with dorje metal counter at the center of its tassels. It has 108 beads to count through while you are praying, experiencing anxiety, and during meditation. These calm red-colored beads are meticulously made in coral with a texture of a matte finish. Hanging in the center of the Buddha bead is a metal ring in a counter styled hammer. With an accent of a blue and red gemstone on both sides. The counter connects each bead so that while you are counting, you will not be bothered and focus your mind on praying. It also gives a necessary weight to the necklace. You can count through your Mala beads, it can help you soothe your anxieties. Also, you can incorporate it in your mantras and prayer. For a more spiritual touch, you can wear these coral mala beads around your neck or wrist together with your other yoga accessories. Coral symbolizes statesmanship, effective communication, and equilibrium. A very good choice gift for a spiritual person, or when you want a revitalizing treat for yourself.

Mala Beads interpretation: It is a spiritual necklace composed of beautiful prayer beads that are incorporated with Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Shintō traditions during a Japa. Most malas comprise 108 beads, but some have the tassel and 109 beads and the additional one has a different attribute. Overall, they all find use in counting rounds. Whether you are reciting, repeating, or chanting a name of deity, prayer, and mantra, the mala beads are your perfect companion.

Product Details:

  • Coral-inspired mala beads
  • Detailed metallic counter with accents of gemstone
  • 108 elegant beads
  • Useful during meditation, prayer, and anxiety



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