Red Jasper Yoga Bracelet For Crystal Healing & Meditation



A naturally red jasper elegant yoga bracelet with 8 mm beads gemstone on a stretchable bracelet. You can use this bracelet in your yoga practice, and your meditations. You just slip it on every day. It has unique earthy and warm tones with a strong relation to the Root Chakra. It is great to wear when you want to focus your energy on keeping you grounded. All bracelets will have a distinctly unique pattern but will have the same rust red color. This bracelet matches gracefully with basic outfits or on soft pieces of cotton. 

Uses of Red Jasper Yoga Bracelet: This Chakra connects you to an energizing vibe that is grounding to the earth.

Product Features

  • Red Jasper with natural and unique texture
  • Perfect for energizing and meditation 
  • 8 mm beads on stretchable elastic
  • Adds a healing vibe to your yoga session
  • You can wear it beautifully for a casual outfit as well



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