Root Chakra Incense Set With Holder – Muladhara – Stability



Chakra of Muladhara Root Incense has a bundle of 30 natural incense, hand-rolled sticks. The incense sticks come with a tin metal storage that is re-usable, making sure that it is safe from breaking and keep it tidy. We are offering these sets for each of our Chakras. It is basically with their very own unique scents for your meditation at home. You can level up your Kundalini Yoga sessions by giving your meditations an extra kick of element that will surely draw your attention more. Each of the scents has been meticulously manufactured with plant extracts, natural herbs, and resins. Light the incense stick and put it in the incense holder. Burn it for at least 30 to 40 minutes. Just a little reminder for our valued customers, kindly place your incense away from any combustible materials and surfaces in your space.

About the Root Chakra:

You can find the root of chakra at the coccyx or commonly know as your tailbone. When you want to focus your Chakra on this, you are guiding your energy towards safety and solidity, connecting our relation to the earth. Imagine your Chakra as a root of the tree, focus your energy on it when you feel the need to be reconnected and brought back to earth. 

Product Details:

  • Incense set with a bundle of 30 sticks which includes the holder
  • Patchouli blended scent
  • 30 to 40 minute of burning time
  • Eco-friendly storage tin
  • Perfect gift idea and meditation aid



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