Rose Quartz Yoga Bracelet With Amethyst – Healing & Peace



Natural rose quartz yoga bracelet has spiritual Rudraksha seeds and amethysts connected to it. A rose quartz both soothes anxiety and calms one’s body. An amethyst favors open-mindedness during meditation as part of an ancient art of crystal healing. Meanwhile, Rudraksha seeds are commonly used as prayer beads in Buddhist and Hindu  traditions by counting through the bracelet beads in a repeating manner. With its ability to soothe anxiety, this makes a perfect gift for any spiritual person or simply to oneself for rejuvenation. You can match it with a casual flowing dress, or with a capri outfit plus purple lotus skirt for a natural and organic look.

Product Features:

  • Crystal healing bracelet you can wear for yoga daily
  • Rose quartz that soothes anxiety
  • Strengthens meditation with amethyst
  • Rudraksha seeds used in prayer
  • Flexible bracelet for everyday use
  • A perfect gift to match our clothing options


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