Rosewood Mala Beads – With Counter


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Rosewood mala beads have a guru bead in the middle and a metal counter connected to a leather thong. There are over 108 rosewood beads in dark auburn color, which you can count through for meditation, anxiety, and prayer. Hanging from a bigger guru bead is a leather strip strung with rings made of metal. While the strip’s end is a Dorje and hammer style counter used to distinguish each bead from others while you mentally count. This counter is lightweight, which you can carry anywhere when you say mantras or prayer and help you keep calm. Whether you wear the rosewood mala beads on your neck or wrist, you can expect to carry a spiritual and traditional accessory to yoga. Rosewood symbolizes the heart Chakra and possesses the healing energy of the feminine.

About the Mala Beads: A Japamala (mala means garland in Sanskrit) is a spiritual necklace composed of prayer beads employed in many traditions like Jainism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Shintō, and Buddhism that aids in what is called in Sanskrit as Japa (which means a spiritual practice). Though the central mala body is usually composed of 108 beads, there are also other mala being recognized. For instance, there is a mala with 109 beads and this additional one has distinct qualities (such as bigger size or comes with a different color). Sometimes, it also has a tassel and additional attractive beads useful when you count. Whether you are chanting, reciting, or simply repeating a name of a deity or mantra, these malas are essentially what you need. 

Rosewood Mala Beads’ Main Features:

  • Beads made from Rosewood
  • Attractive details of metal counter 
  • Composed of 108 beautiful beads



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