Royal Sri Yantra


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A handmade Light Sculpture promotes the pleasing qualities in your hall space:

  • Order
  • Creative Energy
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Prosperity

The most well-known and popular of all Yantras is Sri Yantra. It signifies the cosmic energy embodied in “Shakti” (the five triangles pointing downward) in communion with the Shiva (the four triangles pointing upward) as the Absolute. It represents the eternal cosmic dance wherein a Lover merges with the Beloved. When the mind is focused, you can place your attention towards the middle point of light. This will favor the Yantra to reveal itself to you.

Materials used:

  • Built from carved wood of five levels and some LED lights
  • Shaped and painted by the hand with a gold plating
  • Size: 50cm or 100 cm diameter and 10cm depth.

To generate a greater abundance and prosperity in life, you should regularly repeat the affirmation and prayer shared by Swami Kriyananda from the lovely book called Affirmations for the Self-Healing.


“The treasury of Infinite is within me, for its wealth is the energy, and I am the energy!”


“O Mighty Fountain of the Infinite Light, from whose spray are where the countless galaxies were made of: let me wash away each of my ambition in Thy waters. Let me bathe in all the radiant eddies of Thy energy. Thou art is wealth; Thou, Treasure; and Thou, my Security!”


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100cms, 50cms


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