Rudraksha Mala Beads – With Coral Buddha Beads



Rudraksha mala beads are made up of red string and mid coral guru bead. The 108 beads are the attractive rudraksha seeds in dark auburn colors where you can count through for mantras, anxiety, prayer, and meditation. If you are looking for a traditional yoga accessory, you can wear the spiritual rosewood mala beads on your neck or wrist. Indeed, it is a great gift idea for any spiritual person and a treat for yourself to aid in rejuvenation. Add some more inspiration to your yoga outfits and wear it a casual flowing dress.

Rudraksha Symbolism: Rudraksha is spiritual seeds worn in garlands by Lord Shiva. ‘Rudra’ is one of the Vedic names of Shiva while ‘aksa’ means ‘teardrops’, but can sometimes mean the ‘eye’. Like the malas we see in the world of Yoga, they also aid in Buddhist and Hindu prayer beads. Lastly, they strengthen protection which makes them a great choice for a piece of organic jewelry.

Mala Beads Meaning: “The mala or Japamala refers to a spiritual garland with prayer beads strung on it. It is employed in the traditions of Hinduism, Shintō, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism for Japa, a spiritual practice in Sanskrit. A mala’s body is composed of 108 beads, but it can also be more or less than that. In some cases, the 109th bead of a distinctive color or size comes with a tassel. Some other additional beads are used for counting rounds and decoration. Malas are used for concentration during chanting, reciting, or repeating a mantra or a deity’s name mentally.

Features of Rudraksha Mala Beads:

  • Rudraksha Seed Beads
  • Large coral with a white Buddha bead
  • Composed of 108 attractive beads



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