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Eden fragrance oil for burners and diffusers has an earthy and purifying effect made from Sandalwood. Packed in a dark glass bottle placed in an elegant mini box, these oils can be used for aromatherapy, home fragrance, electric diffusers, and bubble baths. Since such oils are pure, versatile, and strong, you can expect them to go a long way.

At home, Eden fragrance oils are widely used in glass or ceramic oil burners. These burners use heat to diffuse the essential oil or fragrance into the atmosphere. When the candle is situated in the hollow midpoint, you can lit the candle and the heat will give off warmth to its top well. Then, few amounts of water plus the small drops of fragrance oil will move to the top well as it heats up. When the water evaporates from the top well, the fragrance will diffuse into space and a wonderful ambiance is produced. If you are not much into smoky incense odor, oil burners are your best bet since the fragrances are naturally pure. Meanwhile, electric diffusers may vary. So it pays to check the instructions first on how to use them.

Benefits of Eden Fragrance Oils:

Sandalwood is popularized as an aid in purification rituals. It soothes anxiety by producing a fragrance in a room that removes the energy present in the atmosphere. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory property helps a lot with skin problems.

Details of Sandalwood Fragrance Oil:

  • Can be used for burners, diffusers, reeds, or baths.
  • Strong and lasting scents in just a few amounts at once.
  • Applicable in glass and ceramic burners.
  • Packed in a dim glass bottle with box.
  • 0.3 fl.oz. (10 ml) 



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