Satya Yoga Incense – Premium Marsala Sticks, Boxed



If your looking for someone to accompany your Yoga practice, Satya Yoga Incense is here join you! Many of the Yoga instructors burns incense during their classes, so you will get the feeling you are home. One of these is our top in the line marsala sticks that is created by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya, who produced the most popular incense which is the Nag Champa. They do great blends and they are one of the most popular creators of incense. Every box is sealed and has an inner cover to secure the sticks. It has 15 sticks in every pack, each with a burning time of 30 to 40 minutes. That will give your Yoga sessions an incredible experience! Just be mindful that your burning incense outside, it will be quick to burn.

The box shows that to be able to have peace of mind, you also need to have peace from within. That’s summed up Yoga! A Yoga instructor will surely love to have this in the class. These scents will uplift any room and will give an earthy, purified air. Light these incense in your Yoga room to help you clear your thoughts and to keep you moving. Light it during your meditation for a more boosting and intent experience. This is a fantastic instrument in our meditation kit and a great option in an aromatherapy session.

Manufactured and hand-made in India using a traditional rolling technique. All components are derived from natural herbs and flowers.

Do not leave burning incense unattended. Make sure the surrounding area is clear. Monitor children around burning incense don’t leave them unattended as it may cause harm. As the ashes might still be hot, make sure to also collect them properly. Lastly, you can review our incense holders with our new variety which is ornamental holders. Burn your newest Ayurvedic incense in a sophisticated way. Incense holders are a must as you will have no mess. We are offering variety of design and styles.

Product Features:

  • The incense that will surely complement your Yoga practice
  • Secured boxed for your sticks
  • 15 incense sticks
  • High-quality marsala incense
  • Burning time for at least 30 to 40 minutes given that they are not in an open area



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