Shell Elephant Necklace – Hand Carved, Brown



A shell elephant necklace is handcrafted from a naturally smooth shell. The design of a lucky elephant was carefully hand-etched onto the shell’s surface. This way, a beautifully tactile texture is produced. It also gives off a stunning sheen when the light strikes it at any position. Each shell is naturally unique, just like humans. The necklace is almost as light as a feather and with a comfortably smooth back. You can use the sliding knots attached to the natural black color of cotton thread to extend or shorten it to your desired length.

Accessories like these match the beach and summer vibes to give you a cool feeling! If you want to search for more spiritual gifts that get lots of compliments, feel free to check our spiritual jewelry.

What makes seashells spiritually powerful is their representation of freedom. Often, meditation is stronger in bodies of peaceful water as well as open beaches. Also, shells help in Reiki healing by the balance and modesty they exhibit.

Elephants depict luck. A trunk pointing downward denotes ‘saving luck for you’ while an upward-pointing trunk refers to ‘releasing the luck for you’. Just like an elephant spraying water, they symbolize fortitude, strength, family, and working relationships. Elephants in real life are lucky to live peacefully in close family ties that work together. This is also the reason why some households display elephants around the house.

About the Shell Elephant Necklace

  • Shell elephant necklace strung on a black cotton cord
  • Distinct and handcrafted
  • Flexible length
  • 40mm x 30mm head (maybe slightly different due to innate materials)
  • Shimmering texture in dark brown color



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