Shell Flower Necklace – Hand Carved, Beige



A hand-made flower necklace carved in the shell. Produce using a silky smooth natural shell. It is designed with a fashionable flower that is meticulously hand-carved into the shell surface. This style will make a unique, piece of the weave. Due to their texture, these necklaces have an exquisite shimmer to them. When you moved it around this necklace marvelously catches the light. All of us have a unique feature, as well as these shells. The beaded accent at the center of the flower makes it appealing. The necklace is not too heavy and has a smooth back. A natural black thread hung the necklace beautifully. To adjust its length you may use the sliding knot by simply moving it up and down to match any of your outfits. You can wear it as a short or even a longer necklace. 

A superb holiday accessory and a piece of beach jewelry inspired. Get that bohemian feeling at the beach! A spiritual gift idea or lovely accessory that will surely fish a lot of compliments. 

On the spiritual side, seashells symbolize freedom. When we are meditating we often imagine an open beach or wide blue water. Shells are often used as part of a healing ritual as they give a balanced and gentle vibe.

Product Details:

  • Shell flower necklace on black cotton cord
  • A unique hand-carved design
  • Adjustable cord length
  • 30mm approximately. Each pendant differs due to the availability of the product
  • Shiny texture with a beige and gold detail



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