Shell Leaf Necklace – Hand Carved, Beige



This shell leaf necklace is hand-carved from the naturally smooth shell. Delicately etched by the hand into the shell’s surface, this technique creates an attractive tactile texture for a leaf design. These necklaces naturally bring out a cool sheen as they catch the light when in different angles. Like every person, every shell is innately unique. When it comes to overall built, this necklace is lightweight and has a comfortably smooth finish. You won’t have to worry about the comfort of wearing it since the natural cotton thread is adjustable via sliding knots. So whether you like a long or short necklace, just slide the knots up or down.

Whenever you wear this wonderful beach and summer-inspired jewelry, you can get that awesome feeling and lots of compliments. You can also check out some of our other spiritual jewelry gifts available.

Seashells exemplify spiritual freedom. During meditation, we imagine ourselves in front of peaceful seas or bodies of water. They also promote moderation and calmness which is ideal for Reiki healing.

Product Details:

  • A shell leaf necklace strung on a black cord made of cotton
  • Hand-carved and original
  • Adjustable
  • Measures approximately 60mm (every necklace can differ from each other due to their naturalness)
  •  A shimmering texture that produces gold and beige sheen



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