Shell Mosaic Teardrop Necklace With Abalone



A lovely necklace patterned like a teardrop is made from unique mosaic shell pieces. A subtle pink sheen in the top center is created and put together from a smaller shell that has a spiral shape. Its outer sunbursts are formed from a pleasing rainbow abalone and a beautiful white shell. Abalone shell has a rainbow of vivid colors on each piece that reflects natural light and shines in a very metallic way. This pendant has an acrylic back that is comfortably smooth and a coating of resin to further protect the shell pieces. The sun necklace pendant hangs on an adjustable black cotton cord which can be choker in length or you can wear it longer. You can adjust its length to fit your outfit!

Seashells symbolize freedom. When we are reflecting we mostly think of open, wide beaches, or picture the calm blue water. Shells can also be used in some healing rituals as it gives us a balancing feeling. In some representations, a necklace with a sun patterned teardrop can be a symbol of optimism and privilege.

Spiritual Meaning abalone: Abalone shell is used to encourage mental tranquility and peace in emotions. It is a healing material that is soothing and gentle which is often used for relaxation. Crystal cleansing rituals abalone is often used naturally as a vessel for water.

Product Features:

  • Mosaic sun-shaped in a teardrop with a smooth acrylic back
  • Rainbow colored abalone pieces of shell
  • Adjustable black cotton cord
  • 33 mm approximately



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