Shell Red Yin Yang Necklace On Black Cord



A stunningly gorgeous red Yin Yang necklace that is made from a piece of shell mosaic. This pendant consists of a distinctive art of a Yin Yang symbol. The pendant has a resin coating in it, that is protecting the shell pieces. It has a comfortably smooth acrylic back to match. The pendant of the red Yin Yang necklace is hung in an adjustable black cotton cord which can also be a choker or worn as it is. You can opt to adjust it to suit your style and to match the outfit you are wearing! It is also not too heavy and will compliment your skin.

This necklace is ideal for beach and bohemian look. It can perfectly match with your flowing dresses and natural light. It is also a great gift idea for a chick that loves yoga and wants a spiritual symbolism to match their clothes.

Seashells can represent freedom spiritually. While meditating we often picture a wide and open sea that stretches through calm water. In Reiki healing, shells are often used as they give a balancing and gentle vibe. This Yin Yang necklace symbolizes action, balance, and internal connection.

Meaning of Yin Yang: Yin and Yang in primeval Chinese philosophy is a concept of biformity, describing how they may give a compliment to each other but seemingly opposite and contrary as they can still be interrelated to each another. 

Product Features:

  • Acrylic back in the red mosaic Yin Yang pendant
  • White mosaic shell pieces
  • Length-adjustable black cotton cord
  • Approximately 40 mm



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