Silver Buddha Head Necklace On Adjustable Cotton Cord



A necklace styled in a silver mask Buddha head. Hang in a length-adjustable black cotton cord. The necklace pendant is in a silver tone that is not too heavy. It features the top ring in its secure cotton string and while its back is also comfortable and smooth. The necklace with a Buddha head pendant is hung on a black cotton cord that is adjustable in length. You can wear it like a choker or just as it is. Adjust it to your desired length to match the outfit you’re wearing!

This necklace is a perfect bohemian and beach look. It will surely look stunning with natural light and flowy dresses. It is also a good gift idea to give your friend that loves yoga and to someone that likes wearing a spiritual symbolism as their accessories.

Meaning of Buddha head necklace: Buddha’s heads symbolize social and spiritual awareness, understanding, and reflection. The Buddha reminds us to live kind and freely. The face of Buddha encourages to be calmer and to have a more peaceful well being. Buddha arts and symbolism are very much popular, even to non-Buddhists, because it gives a calming energy to our home and space. The Buddha bring out inner peace. Different parts of the Buddha’s head signify various aspects of Buddhist belief. Here are some of the different types of Buddha statues.

Necklace Features

  • Silver pendant mask with a style of Buddha’s head
  • Cotton cord adjustable length
  • Back with the smooth hollow finish
  • Approximately 40 mm



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