Silver Chime Cage Necklace For Bells Or Crystals



This necklace has a round silver cage along with a bell chime. Its metal cage has a dainty flowery paisley design and a pendant loop with a style of sparkling crystal on the top. Its chain is a smooth snake with a lobster clasp that is secured and easy to use. You can style it by putting different crystals and chimes inside the necklace by opening it. For a unique fragrance, you may use it with a diffuser pad or you can also pair it with the stones of lava rock. The filigree side and hollow style will allow your crystals to be showcased stylishly, but will still keep it secure. It can be a unique gift idea for its versatility style. Add a personalized touch to it by filling it with your loved one’s favorite fragrance and crystal.

This cage necklace allows you to put distinct contents like lava stones, crystals, and your favorite scent. It is a delightful substitute for a locket and it also comes with a chime! You will hear a light, subtle tinkling whenever you move around and the sound is delightfully magical. This necklace is a very popular gift idea for women, most especially in the Christmas season as they sound and look stunning.

TAKE NOTE: We cannot be sure of the availability in the color of the chime together with the crystal color on the top of the necklace. Please specify on the note your dislikes and preferences and we will try our very best to attend to it.

Product Details:

  • Chime cage in a spherical shape with a pattern of paisley floral
  • You can choose what to put inside: chimes, scents, crystals, etc.
  • Smooth snake chain



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