Stamped Metal Om Symbol Handmade Paper Notebook




A handmade paper notebook is specially made with a unique design for each variation. They come in two different sizes, both featuring the spiritual symbol of Om. All the books are filled with pure handmade paper pages that are made from 100% cotton. These pages have a soft and lovely touch, like writings on a fabric. Although the notebooks are thick, hardbacks, and has sturdy pages like parchment, they are not much heavy at all. Their portable size makes them convenient to hold but not too small when writing your words properly. You can maintain them securely with a string fastening.

The first style of this book is a fabric covering with a decorative stamped metal as its design. Its metal panel is stamped with some beautifully-textured patterns that feature an Om symbol at the center, surrounded by a sunburst design. The thread wraps are tied shut with cotton that secures the outside part of the book, which also adds a lovely detail. The cover is made of a sturdy front and back part.

The overall look of these notebooks is aesthetically-appealing so you can make use of them as a unique and wonderful diary or sketchbook. Whether you want to take it with you on trips to sketch an image or simply jot down your thoughts, the spiritual aspect of this artistic piece of art would make a lovely Yoga or dream journal. Indeed, it is a wonderful Yoga gift for all your Yogi loved ones.

Due to the unique designs of these products, we do not guarantee an exact item. However, you can write down your preferences in the delivery notes and we will try our best to grant them.

Features of Handmade Paper Notebooks:

  • Handmade paper notebook with the basic pages
  • Pages are handmade with 100% cotton quality
  • Two styles available
  • Available in two sizes (7 × 5 inches or 8 × 6 inches)
  • Unique artisan products
  • Wonderful gift ideas
  • Stamped metal piece with details matched with a spiritual Om symbol


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7×5" Stamped Metal, 8×6" Stamped Metal


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