Sterling Silver Ganesha Pendant – With Silver Plated Chain



A sterling silver Ganesha pendant has a plated chain, statue look and nice small details. The silver cast is filled and covered with acrylic while a pendant loop rolls from the head that spacey enough to accommodate most chains. It’s like you’re carrying a mini version of Ganesha statue with you! In fact, it has similar style with the large statues made of bronze in some Buddha stores. As for the pendant, you can expect it be lightweight and has smooth feels.

Pendants like this suits formal dress for special occasions. Ganesha upholds a spiritual flair to remind us that we can surpass every obstacle and seize any opportunity. There are lots of people who choose to wear Ganesha when they are about to meet new faces and welcome business ventures. Since the pendant is built with a loop and detachable chain, so you can switch it and make your version! Changing different chains is a nice move to transform the look of your necklace. You can try a cotton cord that is waxed for a extra hippy style.

What is Ganesha?

Popularized as a patron deity and Hindu pantheon, Ganesha is the elephant God and a son of Parvati, a Goddess. He beholds the God of triumphs, of overcoming obstacles and new beginnings. He is the God of intellect and wisdom, making him a patron of schools and workplaces. Some of his depictions show a tiny mouse which means devotion. But in rare settings, it means vices and doubts.

Salient Product Details

  • Silver plated snake chain Ganesha pendant
  • detailed design
  • Measures approximately 25mm
  • Wear for strength to overcome obstacles and face new beginnings


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