Striped Cotton Hippy Backpack With Recycled Patchwork Embroidery



A Nepalese soft cotton free-spirited chic backpack with creative woven stripes. This bag pack is has a good quality textured, flat-woven cotton body with a unique geo striped design. Its main pocket, as well as two additional front pockets, is large enough to fit a 13 inches laptop and some of your textbooks. It has two straps that are also 100% cotton woven. While at the top you can find a pull string closure, with a fancy flap panel to secured the wooden toggle.

The topmost panel is created from a lovely recycled clothing piece, so each panel created has a unique finish. Made with vintage designs and textile patches that feature attractive embroidered patterns, these 100% unique items are assembled in the traditional hanging style of Toran door. The extra mini element brings an artistic image and a down-to-earth feel for an accessory.

It is comprised of soft woven cotton but is durable. It has a black cotton border too for reinforcing the straps. The Nepalese method is used for weaving, popular for throws and rugs to produce their unique looks. Finally, the soft textile is associated with mini wooden toggles that establish its closures.

This unique bag is designed for Boho outfits and warm summers. Wearing it on your shoulder will give you a cool flair for the summer! You can opt to match it with plain white cotton clothes and accessories, Hatha yoga printed wrap as an example. Now, you can fill it with your school and travel essentials when you go around the city. Indeed, the spacious interior is what makes it a nice school bag.

Please note that each patch is unique, so the textures, colors, and beadworks of the product image may change.

Features Striped Cotton Hippy Backpack:

  • 13 in × 19.5 in
  • Unique panel closure with recycled patchwork 
  • Two front pockets
  • Pull string top and secured toggle cover
  • With a top loop for hanging
  • Strongly woven fabric plus a stripy type of pattern
  • A uniquely cool backpack crafted in Nepal



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