The Spiritual Eye


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handmade Light Sculpture represents these qualities in your hall space:

  • Golden ring – an astral and vibrational world
  • Deep blue field – a causal-thought world
  • Silver star – cosmic consciousness or Doorway to Christ

When a yogi maintains a long concentration with each eye half-open at the point between each eyebrow, and the gaze is with no restless motion, he will see the steady light along with other flickering lights.

He must avoid being diverted by the spiritual eye’s glimmering halo but instead look at the center of the eye steadfastly until he feels that his mind is completely absorbed within. Soon, he would witness the spiritual eye’s perfect formation: an opal-blue dark globe inside the quivering ring made of flame.

By the virtue of a deep concentration, an ultra brilliant white star gradually glimmers right at the center of the blue. This star is considered as the gateway where the consciousness has to pass through to achieve oneness with the Spirit.

Paramhansa Yogananda


  • Made from carved wood of three levels and some LED lights
  • Shaped and painted by hand with a gold plating
  • 14 inches diameter, 4 inches depth.
  • Size available: 90 cm, 50 cm, 35 cm

To facilitate the journey to the Self, repeat the affirmation and prayer by Swami Kriyananda from the book called Affirmations for the Self-Healing regularly.


“I will live on by the memories of what I am behind all the truths: bliss all the infinite, eternal love!”


“Lord, Thou art be always with me. Help me feel, behind all my thoughts, Thy inspiration; behind every emotion, Thy calm, all the transforming love.”

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35cms, 50cms, 90 cms


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