Throat Chakra Incense Set With Holder – For Communication



The Vishuddha Throat Chakra incense offers hand-rolled natural incense sticks in sets of the ’30s. It comes in a reusable metallic holder to keep your incense tidy and safer. We also offer an incense bundle for each one of 7 Chakras, all have their very own distinct fragrance for your home and meditation. Level up your Kundalini Yoga session by giving an extra component in your Chakra meditations that will surely draw your attention from within. Each of the fragrances has been precisely formulated with plant extracts, natural herbs, and resins. Do this by Simply lighting up the tip of the incense stick and placing it in its holder. Burning time should be at least 30 to 40 minutes and remember to place it away from any surfaces that are combustible materials.

About The Throat Chakra

This Throat Chakra controls verbal communication and the ability to convey your emotions and ideas to other people. If you’re having trouble expressing your thoughts or your desires, this Chakra is for you. Being able to exhibit yourself can help to boost your holistic wellbeing. Find the core of this Chakra on your throat along with your Adams Apple.

Product Details:

  • Chakra incense bundle with a set of 30 sticks including the holder
  • Frankincense aromatherapy blend
  • 30 to 40 minute of burning time
  • Re-usable tins
  • Perfect meditation aid and gift idea



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