Tigers Eye Buddha Bracelet – Stretch Elastic


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A tiger’s eye Buddha bracelet is made up of a gemstone that shines beautifully when the crystals catch the light. It has a magnificent golden Buddha head accented with silky and smooth beads. This bracelet has a stretchable string, that makes it easy to be worn. The Buddha bead with a gold plating creates a brilliant contrast against the shining brown and gold stones.

These bracelets can be worn as a spiritual accessory or can be put on for a Yoga session. It can also be a wonderful gift idea for your friends.

The meaning of Buddha Head: it symbolizes a social and spiritual awareness, understanding, and reflection. It reminds us to more kind and lives consciously. Looking at the face of Buddha will give a sense of peace and satisfaction. The statue and arts of Buddha are very popular, even to those who are non-Buddhists because of the calmness and energy it gives in the space. The aura that Buddha releases came from within. Different parts of the head represent various aspects of Buddhist belief and principles. Here are a brief explanation and some types of Buddha statues

Meaning of Tigers Eye in Crystal Healing: It is a protective golden stone with brown stripes that attracts fortune and can give you the strength to surpass obstacles. Popularized as a pendulum since it allows a person to deals with different concepts in a fair manner, without being affected by personal feelings. Embodied with the lower chakras, but most importantly the Chakra of the Solar Plexus. 

Product Details:

  • Bracelet with a tigers eye gemstone
  • Made from brown and golden shining stones
  • Buddha head with a gold accent bead
  • Conveniently elastic



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