Tower Box Incense Holder With Elephant Inlay – Mango Wood



A tower box incense holder features a stamped metal with a small elephant design at the center. If you uncap the box to put an incense, its large space can fit 1 to 4 incense sticks together with a cone. When it comes to aesthetics, this type of tower box will not fail you since it gives off a cool effect when the smoke exits the small drilled holes in the latticework, while its top creates a pillar-like image due to the attractive silver studs. It comprises an attractive smooth wood made of mango and the inside part contains a small tray intended for holding the incense and four golden metal holes for the sticks.


First, take off the lid. Place the incense or cones inside the metallic holders at the bottom. For incense sticks, position them directly upwards. Now, light up the incense and return the lid. Make sure to avoid catching the base of the burning sticks. Finally, the smoke will begin rising from the holes!

Take note to never leave the incense alone and make sure to always keep the area surrounding it clear. Always keep an eye on your children and don’t leave them unaccompanied around incense burning area. See to it that you are also able to gather and catch the ashes that fall, as it can still be hot. And lastly, you can check out our incense and burn it with style. You will not find it difficult to add an eastern style to your space. Incense holders are one of the things you might want to add to your home. It comes in a variety of styles and shapes that you can choose from.


  • Elephant design engrave in Mango wood box incense holder
  • It can burn up to 4 sticks of incense simultaneously
  • A latticework and studded top
  • Stamped metallic elephant



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