Tree of Life T Shirt – Organic Cotton, Burgundy, Loose Fit




This is a comfortable loose t-shirt designed to have a wide neck with added lycra for the stretch you want! These can be worn casually and also perfect for loungewear. This delightful sustainable t-shirt is fabricated with GOTS certified natural organic cotton and also environmental-friendly because of the materials used. You can wear this shirt with assurance and confidence. We made sure that we met the environmental and high ethical standards for our valued customers.

The Tree of Life features many ways of life. It is historically used to symbolize the whole universe and the world. Also, this tree of life represented each of the monarchy of the universe in Norse mythology. In the Hindu tradition, every part of the tree is linked with specific Gods. For instance, the trunk represents Siva while the roots resemble the Lord Brahma. Aside from religious values, a tree of life stands as a tangible reminder that there is a cycle of life and a whole world.

With its versatility, this is a wonderful inclusion to your yoga wardrobe. If you want a plain and loose, casual tee that is extra soft in the skin and still has a vibe of spiritual edge. This piece is perfect for you! For a chic outfit, you can wear straight from the street to yoga class, you can pair and match this beautifully with our Bhakti Organic Leggings.

Product Features:

  • Loose and relaxed fit
  • Wide neck
  • Delightful warm burgundy color with shoulder logo in black
  • GOTS certified and made in organic cotton
  • Fabric content of 95% cotton 5% Lycra


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