Women’s Buddha Mantra Skirt Leggings, Black, Handpainted




These classic Buddha skirt leggings have a flexible and decent pair of pants that you will surely want to wear during your yoga practices and also off the mat. We don’t usually prefer standard leggings or some bootleg styles, but here is a legging with a skirt attached to it which makes these pieces of garment very womanly. Also, we have created the skirt’s cut with a slit on the side to assist in a greater movement that won’t cut off your yoga poses. It also has that modern curved hem that makes it more stylish. You can wrap it up or down and over your waist to enhances comfort. And, there is also a pocket at the front for your keys and mobile. Use the pockets or not, it will still look great!

The leggings which are attached to the skirt, have an artistically hand-painted lovely mantra by a local artist. The lotus on the mantra shines and gives meaning to these yoga leggings. The mantra is OM Mani Padme Hum, this mantra is popular in most Buddhist mantras. The leggings bottom has a band feature that can be folded when preferred. This lovely skirt has also a wonderful lotus print that goes exactly well with the mantra.

You can pair it with our lovely grey, black, lavender, and fuchsia yoga tops.

Product details

  • Sacred Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra
  •  Phone pocket for Mobile
  • Leggings with an attached Skirt
  • Wrap around Waist
  • Artistically Hand-Painted
  • Easy machine wash
  • With size guide

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