Women’s Om Organic Pants – Maori Print, Purple




These Maori OM Organic yoga organic pants have a comfortable fit yet elegant with their beautiful holistic Maori print with amazing Om lotus embroidery detail. Made with this super soft all-natural cotton Lycra fabric blend, the pattern is plain simple yet stylish at the same time. The print goes along in one leg showcasing the design and giving the Tibetan Om’s a beautifully elegant look. This pair of lovely organic yoga trousers are extremely cozy and the string attached at the bottom makes it versatile – style it as a pant or capris. Amazing yoga pants for inversions as it stays in place because of the ties. You can untie or loosen up the string after the class and it instantly becomes a different look with a chic flared pair of organic pants with such an amazing style.

Maori art is unique to the people of New Zealand. Beautiful artistic and functional pair at the same time, these organic pants can be worn on or off the mat. The combination of fine soft cotton with an incredible stretch Lycra will allow great movement in every yoga posture. Its subtle embroidery is beautiful to look, it brings the deep aubergine color to shine more.

Our Maori print is created with the sacred Om design and showcases flair to these amazing boot-leg pants. It goes perfectly with our Nirvana Organic yoga top!

Product Features

  • Made from all-natural cotton Lycra
  • Sacred Om lotus embroidery
  • Maori creative hand-print
  • Extra support with the string detail at the bottom
  • Organic cotton with -95% cotton and Lycra-5%

Additional information


UK 12-14, UK 8-10




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