Wooden Om Necklace With Silver Inlay – Adjustable Length



An Om necklace made from dark wood has a silver Om symbol neatly inlaid on it. This wonderful pendant has a silky texture that embellishes the silver Om symbol to shine brighter when it strikes a light. It resembles a square to diamond shape strung on a cotton thread that is about 1 mm. To maintain your preferred level of the surface, use the knots to conveniently slide and set the length. This can be done while you are wearing it. Although its regular placement is in the middle of the chest, you can also extend it according to your preference or up to two times the base length.

An Om necklace is applicable for both men and women since it matches almost any outfit. For instance, you can match it with a boho beach or hippy outfit by wearing beaded bangles or bracelets made of wood as well. Indeed, this little piece of stylish accessory will boost a spiritual Yogi’s wardrobe!

What an Om Symbol Means

The Om symbol is very popular in the world of Yoga. If you haven’t been familiar with its different aspects, the Om symbol embodies the entire universe as well as the creation. In layman’s terms, Om encompasses everything! Furthermore, it resembles the spiritual Crown Chakra found in the common tantric tradition. It is more often seen in the holy lotus to bring about the consciousness and expansion of oneself. Each stroke has a corresponding aspect of oneself.

Product Details

  • Om necklace made of wood with inlaid silver
  • Adjustable length via sliding knots
  • Strung on a black cotton
  • Measures 30 mm wide



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