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This elegant yoga scarf contains a Gayatri Mantra, a wonderful Vedic mantra. Yoga scarfs like this are made from ultra-fine cotton that is gentle to the touch. It is an overall delightful package, perfect as a treat for someone special. There are four nice colors for the Gayatri mantra print, plus an attractive lotus flower print with silver/gray base color. Its sides are elegantly embroidered throughout. Our yoga scarf has two color variants: black and white. This wrap of sorts makes a great yoga collection. On top of it, its lightweight character gives an awesome yogi feel every time you wear it.

The yoga scarf is a delightful yogi gift if you want to remind how much you value a person. For meditation and altar decoration, this is a great option. You can also spread it over your bed for keeping the energy for deep nice sleep.

Product Details:

  • Made from 100% gentle cotton
  • Gayatri Vedic mantra print
  • embroidered linings
  • lotus flower in silver motif


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White with gaytri mantra


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