YogaHub Practice Sticky Yoga Mat 6mm – Orange/Olive



The YogaHub Practice Sticky Yoga Mat is carefully designed to center your postures on it with comfort and self-esteem. This anti-slip mat will give you more passion in doing yoga poses, especially since its textured pattern is crafted from non-toxic material. Engineered for solid grip on the surface, this portable, compact, and quality mat made from TPE will surely empower you to facilitate stances and new poses. 

Reversible colors to suit your mood, This is an ideal yoga mat if you want one with reversible colors to match your any mood towards a yoga practice.

Orange Yoga Mat Features:

– Measures 183 cm x 61 cm

– Thickness: 6 mm

– Weight: 1.0 kg

– Reach and RoHS

– Anti-slip

-Cushion made from TPE to provide comfort


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